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Content copyright 2017.  C. D. Tuttle.  Photos, background and others, by Elizabeth Cardozo.  Cover by Xlibris. All rights reserved.

The lead characters of my story are not your typical western heroes. They are common folk raised in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming. Somewhat isolated from the bustling activity of the westward movement, they are na├»ve about life beyond their mountain village. They have their own code of honor and will not be wronged by anyone without great consequences.  My tale of reckoning follows their efforts to seek revenge on a murdering band of marauders from Texas and Mexico. Going against the customs of the time, one member of the posse is a young woman who is bound to have her revenge for the loss of family. Sometimes humorous and rollicking, at other times deadly serious, they move forward through blunders, false leads, and marauding Indians. Relentlessly, they struggle forward to have the revenge their village elders have charged them with. 

Leader of the Posse
Kane Moss is of mountain-man descent with an Irish background. Hard headed and determined, he makes blunders, but always seems to come out on top. He has rambled the west and knows his way around. He is a tall, broad shouldered cowboy with a large ornery horse that can be a hand full. His temper is slow to rise but when it does people quickly move out of the way. He enjoys a good knock down drag out as any good Irishman would, but has a high level of respect for the elderly and for women in general. He is the leader of the small posse that pursues the dangerous band of marauders led by the infamous Klatchard Bordiaz.

The Female Member of the Posse
Sarah Jane Hawkins is a woman of Indian ancestry. She is taller than the average man, hot-tempered, and very strong-minded. Men are a little shy of her because they think that it would take more than an ordinary man to meet her expectations. Her determination to join the posse and hunt down murderers was out of the norm for a woman of that time, but it made no difference to Sarah Jane. She had lost a brother and sister in the attack. Nothing was going to stop her from having her revenge on those that murdered her family.

The Outlaw Leader

Klatchard Bordiaz is the leader of the murderous gang headed back to Ojinaga, Mexico from a cattle drive to Montana. He is intemperate and holds nothing but hatred for those who have worked hard to earn a fair living. Bordiaz, the product of a gang rape on his drug and alcohol addicted mother, who worked in a cantina in Ojinaga, killed his first man when he was fourteen.  He then went on to organize a ruthless gang that ruled the area around Presidio, Texas, and Ojinaga, Mexico. The list of those killed or maimed by Bordiaz and his gang is very long.