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"Kane Moss, A Tale of Reckoning" is a portal into the old west and their extreme ways of life. It is a tale of courage, strength of spirit and survival that speaks volumes about how nature shapes the values and laws of a culture.

Residents of the frontier town of Snowy Point, Wyoming Territory are no strangers to hardship and they’ve had their whole lives to get used to the inevitable challenges of the rugged mountains, harsh weather, and constant isolation. But they’ve also learned that when more human forms of trouble come to call, their only response is revenge.  So, when the ruthless and intemperate killer, Klatch Bordiaz, and his band of outlaws attack their village, murdering, burning, and pillaging, the town’s elders immediately form a posse to hunt the scoundrels down. The posse includes Kane Moss, a favored son of the mountains and an experienced traveler and fighter; Mountain Griz Bolen, so named for his immense strength and stature.  He is indestructible and forever lovable; Ellis Cade and Jed Thompson, bear and buffalo hunters with fearsome reputations.  Truly the silent mountain man types; Zack Dawson, a miner and expert on gunpowder and Sarah Jane Hawkins, strong, fierce and determined enough that no man would stand in her way to be part of this blood hunt. All of them have lost someone or been somehow wronged in the raid and the desire for vengeance burns deep. Still, with a long and twisted trail ahead of them and more than 30 gang members waiting at the end of it, the small posse from Snowy Point have their work cut out for them. Matters get even more dangerous when Klatch hears of their pursuit. The mountain posse must contend with ambushes, false trails, and a long journey through hostile Native American territory. Death and hardship are no strangers on the frontier.

From the high country of Wyoming, through the great sand dunes of southern Colorado and across the New Mexican and Texas high plains to the raging Pecos River the settings are beautiful and picturesque. This fast- paced story is governed more by a sense of adventure than one of misery. Indeed, even the deaths of posse members don’t cause the others to pause. There’s time for comedic interludes and even a burgeoning romance between Kane and Sarah Jane. There’s plenty of gunplay, long rides, bar fights, and bloody revenge.

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'Kane Moss: A Tale of Reckoning'
​A riveting saga of good versus evil unravels within the pages of author C. D. Tuttle's "Kane Moss" (published by Xlibris). Taking readers into the raw, unsettled west, it follows a fearless posse of six as they set out on a mission to avenge their fallen friends and family. Led by Kane Moss, a common cowboy of conviction and determination who will let nothing stand in the way of seeking his revenge.

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