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'Kane Moss: A Tale of Reckoning'
​A riveting saga of good versus evil unravels within the pages of author C. D. Tuttle's "Kane Moss" (published by Xlibris). Taking readers into the raw, unsettled west, it follows a fearless posse of six as they set out on a mission to avenge their fallen friends and family. Led by Kane Moss, a common cowboy of conviction and determination who will let nothing stand in the way of seeking his revenge.

Charged by their elders to hunt down the band of ruthless murderers that raided their village a small posse of six, led by Kane Moss, set out on a blood hunt. Little did they know that the trail of destruction and murder would lead them from their burned village in Wyoming across unsettled lands to Mexico. Severely outnumbered they relentlessly pursue the raiders with a fierceness passed down from their mountain folk ancestors. One of the posse members, Sarah Jane, is a woman with a burning desire, come hell or high water, to take revenge on those that killed her brother and sister. Sometimes humorous and rollicking, at other times deadly serious they move forward through blunders, false leads, and marauding Indians. Tirelessly, they struggle onward to have the revenge their village elders have charged them with. They manage to catch up to the raiders in the lawless village of Ojinaga. Here they find they are also up against the Mexican Rurales. The odds of success are overwhelmingly against them as Kane Moss and his small posse faces the intemperate and ruthless Klatchard Bordiaz, a much-feared vicious killer and gang leader.

Content copyright 2017.  C. D. Tuttle.  Photos, background and others, by Elizabeth Cardozo.  Cover by Xlibris. All rights reserved.

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Hardcover $12.50 | 6x9in | 250 pages | ISBN 9781503583795

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