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A Short Bio for Author C. D. Tuttle

I grew up on a farm in central Oklahoma. My great grandmother on my dad's side was in the Oklahoma land rush of 1891. She passed away in 1966 at the age of 101. I knew her well and followed her around like a shadow. We lived just a few miles from the original homestead. Between her and my dad and their stories of the old days I became keenly interested in the old west. Writing about the old west came naturally. Dad was a prolific reader of western paperbacks. He always had stacks of books by Louis L'amour, Zane Grey and others around his big comfort chair. I read those too. He was an original subscriber to True West Magazine which I continue the subscription today. I have a complete set of all True West Magazines dating back to the first publication in 1954. My mother was a big influence on my reading and writing habits. She enrolled me in a book club when I was in the third grade. I read all sorts of books from children adventure stories, nature stories to science fiction. Mother encouraged reading and made sure I had about anything I wanted when it came to books, magazines and interactive publications such as Audubon's booklets. Audubon Publishing of the time, sent monthly a set of wildlife and nature stamps that I pasted in the booklets and then read about the animal or plant on the stamp. By the time I was twelve I was deeply into science fiction having read most of H G Wells writings and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The old fellow who ran the local newsstand would hold back a copy of Weird Tales and Amazing Stories for me every month. Consequently, I write old western fiction as well as science fiction and horror drama.

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